About Milka


It’s all started with a cloud...

DreaMallows was born out of thin air. Well, technically it was a cloud. More technically, a cloud of sugar. 

Believe me when I say that walking through a cloud of sugar is transformative; like walking through the sweetest, lightest air. It is quite literally impossible to be unhappy while walking through sugar. And for me, after years of working in a corporate atmosphere (with no sugary sweet air of happiness), and raising a family (a beautifully chaotic mix of lots of types of air), I needed to create a light, gentle, and relaxing space where I felt like I was walking on clouds all day.

And here we are! 

From my signature cloud-like DreaMallows to my stuffed mini-bites, everything I do is about creating mini moments of bliss. Creating sensory experiences continues to be a way to welcome joy into my life as well as the lives of my beloved clients and their families. I hope you feel that invitation of joy every time you open up a fresh Marshmallow Canvas and take the biggest little bite you can of that moment.

So let’s do this! Let’s get Mallow away!

- Milka “ Fresh Marshmallow Queen ---”