Awesome Gifts

I bought these for my nieces and they loved them! This was a great way for them to do something artsy, fun, and eat their favorite treat!

Brittani M.

Super fluff and Amazing taste!! My kids can’t have enough of them 😋

Amarli Castro

Awesomeness ;-)

Hi my name is Jennie and I’m addicted to magicals Dreamallows! Especially, the versatile-cutie-out of this world-tasty-fun -dreamy PYO Marshmallow. I ordered the amazing fun kit to share with my nieces as part of our little special QT. I can honestly say, this was everything and more for us. Super pleasant, fun and relaxing. I love the concept of painting, however, indulging in them WOW! That was extraordinary. Can’t wait to play with the new products.

Jennifer Cardenas